Node in Max

by Julian Rubisch, 2018-10-01
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When I first heard that Max is getting a NodeJS integration, I thought to myself, what endless possibilities. I'm not the greatest supporter of the JavaScript language and the environment it lives in, but hey, the premise of re-using other software I had written in Max was just too tempting. That said, when it finally came out I was a little stunned not to find a more detailed introduction in how to set up a project with NPM, install modules etc. Maybe I didn't search intensely enough, but at least there wasn't something screaming at me: "TRY THIS". So well, while everybody else is freaking out about MC, here's my first take on Node in Max, a little script that allows you to play arbitrary YouTube videos in a `[]`. When I asked on Twitter what could be a nice starter project, the answer I got was "People will go nuts if NodeJS lets you open youtube tutos". So I just did it.

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