UPDATEDNode in Max

We explore the new Node 4 Max API of Max 8

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NEWAdvanced Synthesis Techniques

In this playlist, we delve into advanced digital synthesis techniques, such as bandlimited synthesis of classic waveforms.

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Electron and Orbitals

We make use of electronjs to develop and deploy standalone performance applications.

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Refactoring Max

We provide some guidelines on how to make your Max-patches and -abstractions re-usable and composable, hiding away complexity while not losing clarity. We modify and abstract some common software design patterns for this.

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Create Sounds with Jitter

We explore how to use the power of Jitter to create wavetables, sequencers, effects etc.

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Waveguides in GenExpr

We use Max's gen~ patcher system to create interesting variations of digital waveguides, a form of physical modeling synthesis

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Hardware Cafe

Take a seat and enjoy delicious hardware treats (Raspberry Pi, Teensy etc.)

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NEWProcess Music and Algorithmic Deconstructions

We explore different ways of how to use processes and algorithms to make music generatively, and look for methods to de- and reconstruct all sorts of data and use it for sound generation.

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Uncanny Pattrns

We demystify the pattr system a little and show off useful applications.

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UPDATEDChaotic Synthesis

We explore various methods to create sound in unpredictable ways.

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